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January 3, 2015
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How to create a Rock Solid WordPress Password

Security is essential in wordpress and most people fail to create a password that is rock solid and secure. In most cases they tend to use their names, places or date of birth.

This is very insecure and can easily be hacked by bots and humans, It is highly recommended not to use a password from the dictionary or any word that is easy to remember or spell.

A Rock Solid wordpress password is consist of capital letter, numbers and special characters. This makes it more difficult to crack and password cracker will take over a hundred years to crack once it;d created properly.

Here are some points to keep in mind while creating a wordpress admin password:

  1. Do not use your name, or other personal data such as birthdays, the names of relatives, etc.
  2. Never use words that from the dictionary of any language.
  3. Always use at least one uppercase letter.
  4. Always use special characters,  begin and end with something like ‘…’
  5. Misspell a word that you can recall.
  6. Use a phrase and customize it into a strong password. (see below).

Now its time to check your password strength at one of the following sites (just copy and paste the name of the checker into google):

  1. Microsoft’s Password Strength Checker
  2. Kaspersky Lab Secure Password Checker
  3. Intel’s Password Grader
Once you have followed the above steps your rock solid password will passed all checkers with absolutely outstanding results.

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