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January 3, 2015
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Convert PSD File to WordPress Template

Developing a website with wordpress can be really easy if your using the default theme or simply decide to use free templates.

Most businesses and large corporations require a custom look to match their brand and most of the times require a custom wordpress development. Its always great to know your wordpress website is unique and fits your brand, project or niche.

The best and most effective method is to have your graphic designer create a PSD file that matches your requirements, this will be sliced into html coding with css and images for each area/section.  Once this process is completed the html can then be converted into your custom wordpress template.

Please keep in mind that the function of the theme is completely separate and must be coded when developing the theme from the html files. its not that easy as it sounds as you do require to know PHP, HTML and CSS for this conversion to work 100%.

If you not able to develop your custom wordpress theme from PSD, then you should consider hiring a professional company to have it developed based off your design and functions.

We at WP Cheetah have developed over 100 custom wordpress themes from PSD, Let us help you to bring you design to live and give it the function you require.

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